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I hit the road Friday morning, the 27th of August, to pick up Herb Schlossberg at the Indianapolis Airport.  Turns out United Airlines cancelled his flight and scheduled him for later in the day, but it worked out okay anyway.  I met Stu Wayne at our hotel in Fishers, Indiana, and we picked up Herb mid-afternoon.  Returning to the hotel we hooked up with John Nixon and the Firearms Forum's Foursome was complete.


The real first order of business, beyond the obligatory blather--of which we did a LOT over the weekend, was the shooting range.  Everyone brought some interesting guns to shoot--really a nice mix.  As near as I recall the collection included a Springfield XD9 midsize, Kahr Mk9 and a Kahr K9 (John), an FN .40 HP with SFS and a Smith 625 (Herb), a custom PPC revolver, SIG P239, and Springfield loaded M1911-A1 (Stu), and finally another P239, KT P11, Ruger P97D, Ruger SP101 9mm, and Witness 10mm (Mark).  We went to Pop Guns indoor range in Indy and monopolized two bays.  Everyone shot most if not all the guns, I believe.  I don't know if I've had as much fun as I had in a loooong time!


Welcome to the First Annual Firearm's Forum get-together! 

A few general shooting comments.  First of all, Herb is one heck of bon-diggidy marksman--the man can shoot!  I don't think any of us are slouches, but Herb is very good.  John had carpal tunnel in his shooting wrist, so he layed off to some extent.  We're hoping he heals up quickly.

I found the Kahr pistols to be good shooters.  It was my first experience with them and they are fine little guns--the triggers have a short enough stroke and light enough pull to be very decent for DAOs.  As some of you know, I don't like DAO in general, but can tolerate it in a pocket pistol.  John's XD9 was a good shooter, and I liked it a lot.  It is far more suited to my hand shape and size as well as preferences than the Glock.  I thought the trigger was superior to most Glocks as well.  I shot Stu's wood-stocked P239 and decided that given his monster paws it suits him well.  I like my thinner factory stocks better.  Stu's PPC revolver has an amazing trigger and is very accurate, but I was unable to hold it steady for long, as it is heavy heavy heavy.  The barrel might just be an inch and a half in diameter! The Springfield M1911-A1 is a superbly accurate .45--one of the best I've ever shot.  Not bad for a gun Stu won at a shooting match!  Speaking of accuracy, Herb's m625 is one heck of a shooter, and has a wonderful trigger.  As most S&W revolvers don't come from the factory with triggers like they used to, it was a blast to experience one that does the marquee proud.  Herb's .40 Hi-Power was a very good shooter as well--more accurate than my own example, for sure!  The group at right was fired with this pistol.

After spending an enormous amount of time on the range, we packed up and perused the gun racks.  Herb commented that the prices were very low compared to Virginia.  I pity you east coasters!  Then it was off to the hotel for a break and then on to dinner.  We ate Italian, enjoying the Macaroni Grill.  We followed that up with more blathering back at the hotel--great conversation and very relaxing.

Saturday we all met for a continental breakfast at the hotel and then it was off to the gun show.  The Indy 1500 is 1500 tables, as advertised, and really needs a whole day to see.  We ended up splitting up and reconnecting with everyone several times over the course of the day.  Though there was a lot of stuff to see, none of us really opened our wallets to any great extent.  I think Stu's big expense was a salad at one of the food vendors.  Herb bought a knife and got a new subscription to Shotgun News, who had reps at the show.  Oh, speaking of SGN, did you know they now own both Shooting Times and Guns & Ammo magazines, as well as many many more?  John and I spent a little more.  We both sprung for Galati tactical rifles cases.  Not sure what else John may have purchased.  None of us took home any guns. 

After the show we went back to the hotel and I removed the mag disconnect on Herb's Hi-Power.  My brother dropped by, then later on we all hit a Mexican place for dinner, along with a friend of John's from Indy.  We capped the night off with coffee and more conversation around in the comfortable lobby of the hotel.  We actually called it a night early Saturday, and John drove home to Fort Wayne.

Sunday morning Herb, Stu, my brother and I hit the I-HOP for a big breakfast, then Stu took Herb to the airport before heading up to Chicago to his daughter's house.  I spent a little time with my brother and sister-in-law and then it was off to Ohio and home.

Sounds like a short weekend, and really, it was, but it was full.  The gun show was fun, but my favorite part was the shooting.  The comradery was outstanding, and I will absolutely do this again anytime we plan another get together.  I sure hope even more of you will join us next time!

--submitted by Mark Freburg

Uploaded: 8/31/2004