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I'd like to  talk about one of the best carry guns ever, the Glock Model 27 in ..40S&W.  This is a 9+1 semi-auto that is about the size of many small 9mms and smaller than many .380s.  Although I have larger Glocks with their longer barrels that offer a bit more ballistically, I find the G27 to be the ideal "lazy man's gun." 

When Ohio finally passed concealed carry several years ago and I started carrying a gun again, my friend John Will, who I used to tease about carrying a small .380, predicted it would be six months at most before I gave up my bigger guns and started carrying a mouse gun for convenience's sake. Well, I did buy a Kel-Tec .32, but later sold it, as it didn't fit my needs.  I never carried it.  I also had a Kel-Tec 9mm, which is similar in size to the Glock 26, the 9mm version of my Glock 27, but it didn't really fit my needs either.  It wasn't 100% reliable and just didn't inspire confidence.

What I want above all in a carry gun is a solid, reliable pistol that works every time and which shoots a cartridge that has a better than average chance of stopping a determined attacker from having his way.  No handgun that can be reasonably carried is a sure bet, but the small subcaliber cartridges some folks choose to rely on are at the bottom of the list when it comes to stopping ability.  I truly hope, and in fact I believe, that I will never need to shoot a gun to save my life or the life of a loved one.  That said, if I am going to take out insurance, I want it to be the best insurance I can find.

Glock pistols have been around for more than 25 years.  I think they've established themselves as reliable self-defense pistols.  Not everyone wants a pistol with a plastic frame and looks only a mother could love, but frankly, looks mean nothing to me when it comes to a defensive pistol.  And a plastic frame is irrelevant if it is 1) durable and 2) helps to lighten the overall weight I have to carry.

Therein lies the value of the Glock 27.  I can and do carry my Glock 23, the next size larger, and have carried my Glock 22, yet another step up in size.  They offer greater capacity and longer barrels, increasing my ability to win a fight.  Yet everyone has times when they would just as soon go with a lighter, smaller gun--or no gun at all.  It might be the middle of the day in your safe little suburb and you are only heading to the grocery.  You might ask yourself, do I really need to strap on my 16-round, full-size service pistol and a spare magazine?  And there are also times when you are dressed for hot weather or the beach and don't want to conceal a big gun.  Those things are a fact of life for most of us, if not everyone.

When those occasions arise, I can put my Glock 27 in my IWB Kydex holster--or even in a fanny pack--and blend in with folks without being overdressed.  I can still feel well-armed and ready for the attack we all hope never comes.

Other people might choose a snubnose .38, or a .380, .32, or smaller handgun.  To my way of thinking that is excessive compromise.  Take something that has a good chance of saving your life, or why bother to be armed?

The G27 is small.  In the title photo above you can see how it fits in my average size male hand.  In the photo below you can see that it is not significantly larger than my Taurus Model 905, which you should know is about the size of a Smith & Wesson I-frame with its very short cylinder--smaller than the familiar J-frame used for .38 Specials and .357s.

There is probably one more thing you might wonder is the kick?  Frankly if you are a shooter you'll find it very easy to master.  You can't hold it casually, you must get a firm grip on the gun, but that is good advice anytime, isn't it?  My suggestion is to try the G27 if you can, as I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.  There is an aftermarket, replacement magazine plate that adds a finger hook.  This makes control even easier.  I bought one and use it since it doesn't affect concealment.  If you are truly recoil-shy, I can in good faith suggest the Glock 26, the 27's identical twin in 9mm.  Today's 9mm ammunition is pretty good, and the 26 gives you one more round than the 27.

Who knows, you may find the little Glocks to be just what you needed all along.  And if you find them manageable, you might find yourself going for a larger Glock for when the weather turns cold and concealment is easily accomplished under cold weather clothing.

Since I mentioned it above, here is a photo of my Comp-tac Kydex IWB holster.  It simply clips over my waistband.  It's light and thin and a perfect compliment to the Glock.

I don't always choose this pistol, but in warm weather it gets the nod more often than not.  This is the pistol for those who want something light, small, yet powerful.  Take a look at one and see if you don't agree.

Uploaded: 9/26/2006