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Product Review: The MGW Sight Mover

by Mark Freburg

The Maryland Gun Works (MGW) Semi-auto Sight Mover is a sight installer, remover, and adjuster.  This tool consists of a machined aluminum body with a thumbscrew that engages the sights and slides back and forth on oil-impregnated Oillite bearings.  The T-handle is hardened steel.

Glock tool shown below right 

To use you simply align the slots on the screw mechanism with the sights, snug them up, and turn the handle to move the thumbscrew in the direction you want to move the sights. 

I bought the MGW mover for Glock and have removed and installed several sets, both the plastic-topped and all-steel.  I've had no problems whatsoever.  As MGW makes the slots to fit individual pistols and their sights, it is almost impossible to do any damage.  Tight sights come loose without the damage possible using a hammer and punch, and in the same way you can install Tritium sights without fear of damaging the vials.  I've also found it easy to make fine adjustments to align sights with an index mark, or simply to center them in the slide.  In fact the tool is so easy to use you could take it to the range and dial in your new sights to your exact point of aim with no trouble.  Try doing that without any frustration using a hammer and punch.

MGW makes their sight mover for a wide variety of pistols including SIG, 1911, Glock (flat-sided and angled), XD, several Berettas, several HKs, and Smith M&P sights.  Two excellent sources include Brownell's and Midway USA.  Prices vary depending on the model, but in general run from about $99 to $135.  I consider this a bargain for what the MGW Sight Mover does.

MGW 1911 Sight Mover:

Mark Freburg

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Uploaded: 8/23/2012