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Photo From: Mark Freburg - Album: Handguns--Modern

Description: My 1987-vintage SIG P226. Ugly outside, great inside. Reliable, accurate, smooth. That's a SIG for ya. Photo by Mark E. Freburg

mf Uploaded: 8/25/2003 by Mark Freburg
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(6/14/2018) Mark Freburg wrote: At the time I bought and owned this pistol I was quite enamored with it. Later, and today, I consider this to be one of the clunkiest wondernines ever fielded. Comparing it to pistols of similar capacity, the SIG P226 was way larger than it needed to be, and really didn't fit most hands very well. It is similar to the Beretta M92 in this regard, and I'm not sure which pistol is worse. Of course if you have large hands and it does fit you the fit complaints are meaningless, but the pistol was still over-size. Today's large capacity 9mms hold as many or more rounds while being much more compact. Even a contemporary of the SIG, however, the S&W 5906, held just as many rounds while fitting almost any hand and being far more compact in all dimensions. In short, the SIG P226 is simply an oversized dinosaur from a bygone era.