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Photo From: Bill Adair - Album: Shooters

Description: Jim Wolford's new Navy Arms Rolling Block re-barreled with a extra heavy barrel, it is 1 and 5/8" across the flats and 30 " long. Weight 23 pounds, but it still has a bit of recoil. The cartrige is the 50-90 Sharps, this uses a 2 & 1/2" case and 90 grains of black powder to push a 475 grain lead bullet, the factory data claims 1350 fps with this load. The 50-90 was the cartrige that nearly exterminated the bison when the professional hide hunters were at work, no matter what Quigley said. By the time the 45-110 and 40-90 cartriges came on the market, hide hunting was nearly finished as a commercial venture, the big herds were gone and only the scattered remains were left for the 45 calibers to harvest. There were original Sharps and Remington rifles made with barrels this large, they were a specialty tool for the market hunters, today its primary purpose is "plinking" at rocks across a canyon, or gong shoots. Jim Navy Arms 50-90 Bill Adair Uploaded: 2/25/2003 by Bill Adair
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