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Photo From: Mark Freburg - Album: Gunsmithing or Repair

Description: to the best of my knowledge as I upload this, Smith & Alexander are the only high quality maker of grip safeties who offer one without a "memory groove," "speed bump," "memory bump," or what they call a "palmswell," probably the most logical name I've heard yet.  While a palmswell is quite often necessary for those who shoot with both thumbs forward, because that grip pulls the hand off the rear of the grip, there are still those who do not shoot with both thumbs forward, and for whom the palmswell is simply annoying.  S&A then, offers their product with the option of "with or without."  Other makers emulate Henry Ford who once reportedly said you could buy his car in any color you wanted as long as it was black.  And 1911 makers and builders are the same today.  Want a 1911?  Unless it is meant to emulate a USGI pistol, which is a small portion of the market (SASS is changing that), it WILL come with a palmswell grip safety.  Like it or spend your hard-earned money to change it afterward.

Yay, Smith & Alexander!  (Did I mention they offer them for the .220 degree Springfield radius as well as the more common 250 degree radius used by most 1911 pistol makers? Wink)

Uploaded: 4/17/2013 by Mark Freburg
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(9/21/2013) Stu Wayne wrote: Mark, I think you mean .220 INCH and .250 INCH rather than degrees for the radii in your final paragraph.

Picky Stu