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Photo From: Mark Freburg - Album: Gun Stuff--Miscellaneous

Description: Does this photo really show a realistic response for the average person?  Maybe, but you better have read and digested Jeff Cooper's Principles of Personal Defense beforehand, otherwise you'll never get to this point in an actual encounter!  Without a "fight to the death attitude" when faced with deadly force, you'll be ready for a body bag in a scene like the one pictured here.  Unfortunately, magazine articles on topics like unarmed self-defense make it sound like anyone with a ballpoint pen or a cell phone is practically a U.S. Marine against any armed attacker just for having these feeble weapons.  It isn't the weapons, it's the willingness to defend yourself by going on the offensive. Uploaded: 6/25/2015 by Mark Freburg
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(6/23/2018) Mark Freburg wrote: This photo came up on the Home Page Photo array, and, perhaps not surprisingly, I still believe gun magazines are guilty of showing just the same sort of wishful thinking behavior in their photos as they were in 2015. I also believe my comments in the photo caption still stand as accurate. I don't fault the WISH in these photos, of course, but do these articles ever really emphasize what is needed to RESPOND like this? Is Sally Soccer Mom really up to this response? In 2018 I still say she is not. However, I'm more willing now than in 2015 to say that the woman reading a GUN magazine is not the same Condition White Female as Sally Soccer Mom might be expected to be, and our gun magazine-reading woman might indeed HAVE read Principles of Personal Defense--and taken it to heart! One can always hope! I still hate photos like this in grocery store newsstand magazines, tho'....