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Photo From: Mark Freburg - Album: Gun Politics/Laws

Description: I believe this is photo shows unsafe behavior, and is just dumb to boot.  Obviously the photographer (10-8?) is going for sexy with the girl and the cool factor with the cocked (and assumed locked Confused) 1911 pistol, but it's way over the top for a "girls with guns" photo.  The model is pointing the pistol up in the air, which is an unsafe direction--and has her eyes closed. Roll Eyes  This is not how we safely handle guns.  It's strictly a girly pose, but with a loaded gun (all guns are always loaded--Rule #1).  What sort of message does this send to impressionable gun owners, and worse, anti-gun people?  It makes me mad because it is so stupid.  If a photographer is going to take sexy photos of women, do it.  If he or she is going to take cool pictures of women holding firearms, do that.  But so help me they do NOT belong in the same shot.  If you disagree I would be happy to debate this with anyone on this forum's message board. Uploaded: 8/17/2018 by Mark Freburg
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(1/14/2022) Mark Freburg wrote: This came up on the home page. I reread my comments and it might sound like I'm against girls-with-guns photos. Not at all. Just do it smartly. Here's a better one: