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Training Flight

Photo From: Dale Mullin - Album: Military Photos--People/Scenes

Description: Dale Mullin climbing into a trusty "Tango Two Eight, Fighter/Interceptor" for a training flight. Timeframe is late 1970 or early 1971.

Uploaded: 4/26/2004 by Dale Mullin
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(6/7/2013) Stu Wayne wrote: Dale, this photo triggered a question that has bugged me for years? This is a real question, not a dig, but I have noticed over the years that those people I knew who flew fighter planes were all of compact stature. I can see a theoretical rationale for keeping the planes small and light and therefore their pilots as well. So did the US military have any height or weight limits for fighter pilots?
(6/8/2013) Dale Mullin wrote: At the time that I entered the service the Navy did have height restrictions, but I don't recall them being any different for fighter pilots than they were for any pilot. I do recall sitting in the seat of an A-4 Skyhawk when I was in Aviation Officer Candidate school. Someone looked in and told me that I'd lose both knees if I ever had to eject from one of those. If I'd ever had a desire to fly A-4s I'd pretty much lost it at that point. ;-)