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Rust Prevent

Photo From: Mark Freburg - Album: Maintenance

Description: Shooter's Choice Rust Prevent is a product much like Birchwood Casey's Barricade.  I've used both a LOT.  I give the nod to Barricade as my personal preference, but I have no problem picking up a can of Rust Prevent if I need the product and can't find Barricade.  It does the job well.  I think Barricade might "soak up" into the metal slightly better, leaving the firearm feeling "drier" yet still protected of course, but Rust Prevent also does has this function.  If it comes down to it I think I just like the smell of Barricade better than the smell of Rust Prevent. Laugh

Uploaded: 12/14/2013 by Mark Freburg
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(12/7/2020) Mark Freburg wrote: I have a feeling not every shooter knows how to use a rust preventative like Barricade or Rust Prevent. This image came up on the home page, I reread the instructions given in this ad, and realized they were perfect advice on how to use either product, so I'm posting this in case anyone needs a refresher.