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AMT 1911 LongSlide

Photo From: TJ Parmele - Album: Handguns--Modern

Description: Classic 1911 AMT Longslide 

Uploaded: 7/13/2017 by TJ Parmele

Camera/Image Info
Camera Make - Apple
Camera Model - iPhone 4
F-Stop - F/2.8
Shutter Speed - 1/17 sec
Focal Length - 3.85 mm
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(8/28/2019) Mark Freburg wrote: This a pistol that I still want to own someday. Ironically in my younger years when these were in production I wouldn't touch an AMT/IMI product--I thought they were crap. In hindsight they were probably not the best. Stainless steel in semi-auto pistols was still not widely understood and galling was not uncommon unless a pistol was well-lubricated (usually with white lithium grease). Today, however, I've softened in my view and I believe that if I found a Long Slide Hardballer I could make it work with an-depth cleaning, careful examination of small parts (too many of these were futzed with by kitchen table "gunsmiths" and may need small to greater parts replacement and fitting, though one prays not), replacement of likely all springs (Wolff offers fit-yourself longslide springs), and careful lubrication.

Prices last time I checked go from $900 to $1400. Part of the difficulty in buying one is because it was used in a Terminator movie and the hollyweirds want one because of that. With no knowledge of 1911s much less the long slides they go out, find it probably won't shoot, they soon lose interest and sell it on. But it makes it tougher for an enthusiast like me to acquire one. these guys in their prime earning years have the money to blow to pretend to be Arnold for a while and I not only really don't, I could give a rat's posterior regions about hollyweird. I just like 1911 pistols.