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Glock 17 Swenson slide

Photo From: TJ Parmele - Album: Gunsmithing or Repair

Description: Swenson Glock 17 aftermarket slide on heavily stippled Glock 17

Uploaded: 2/1/2018 by TJ Parmele

Camera/Image Info
Camera Make - samsung
Camera Model - SM-J727V
F-Stop - F/1.9
Shutter Speed - 1/11 sec
Focal Length - 2.91 mm
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(9/21/2019) Mark Freburg wrote: I really don't get why a half dozen (at a guess) aftermarket companies are making and/or selling Glock slides. Do they really offer something one doesn't get with a factory slide? Glock offers ported models, so that can't be it. Is it just Firearms Guys' eternal desire to be the kid on the block with something DIFFERENT from Tom, Dick, and Gaston?

Keep in mind I am an unabashed, unreconstructed MINIMALIST. Growing up in the pre-Kimber 1911 days I was one of the few who never wanted to make every change under the sun to my 1911, just the fewest possible needed--at a time when nothing came on a 1911. So when I got into Glock I was pretty pleased that it really needed very darn little. I ended up buying into a couple things--that the plastic guide rod was a weakness, so I did go with replacement stainless steel guide rods, and I replaced some of the plastic sights with identical-but-steel sights (also from Glock), but the whole idea of replacing a totally functional slide would have been a mind-boggle to me. That's half the pistol, and with a Glock you get that Tennifer (no rust) treated slide. I seriously doubt if any aftermarket slides are Tennifer or any other deep heat treated (Nitrite, etc.)

So yeah, I be puzzled.