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Photo From: Mark Freburg - Album: Rifles--Classic Military

Description: P1885 Martini-Henry "Long Lever" built at the Rawul-Pindi Arsenal in India for British Colonial Forces.  the Long Lever model allowed increased leverage to aid extraction of spent cases when a rifle's chamber was fouled.  three years after this model appeared, the first .303 pattern rifles began replacing the 577/.450 calibre rifles.  There were .303 calibre Martinis, but the British also began issuing a .303 calibre Enfield bolt-action, and it's my understanding that the .303 Martinis were recalled and the 577/.450 calibre rifles.  In the interim between the issuance of the Long Lever, the British designed a .40 calibre Martini, and at one point found themselves fielding rifles in three different calibres, which was a logistical no-no, so they dropped the .40 and continued with the Martinis in .45 for their native troops and began equipping British soldiers with Enfields, which starting around 1890 began to change at a rapid pace themselves. The rifle pictured is one still available from Atlanta Cutlery Corp and International Military Antiques, which I believe are sister companies.  Prices as of May 2013 were in the mid-sixes.

Uploaded: 5/10/2013 by Mark Freburg
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