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Photo From: Stu Wayne - Album: Rifles--Modern Sporting

Description: This is the description of the features advertised for the rifle I won.  I had to dig through old newsletters to find it.

Uploaded: 10/29/2016 by Stu Wayne
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(7/14/2019) Mark Freburg wrote: I like that "Multi-cal (shoots both 5.56 NATO AND .223 Remington)" bit. Nothing like not giving the shooting public too much information and risk educating them too much. Best to just give them the bare minimum so they won't annoy you with endless questions then let them go out and hopefully not blow up their new gun. After all, all they really need to know as the ignorant monkies who spend their money in our gun shop is what ammo the gun takes, not what the chamber cut is or why pressure matters, and God forbid, if they are handloaders it's not our job to teach these monkies anything about that.