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M625 Target

Photo From: HerbSchlossberg - Album: Braggin' Groups

Description: The first rounds I fired out of my "new" Smith 625. Shooting fairly fast at 21 feet, DA standing.

Smith & Wesson Model 625 w/Target
Herb Schlossberg

Uploaded: 8/25/2003 by HerbSchlossberg
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(5/11/2014) Mark Freburg wrote: That's some very good shooting. I owned an SA/DA version of the same revolver back I the late 90s. It was decent but never super accurate. The same ammo that shot tight groups in a 1911 wouldn't group well in the 625 revolver. Of course that means very little, as every revolver is an entity unto itself, and I really didn't have mine long enough to tune loads for it. A friend lusted after it and I traded it him, or sold it to him, I forget the details now. It was one of those odd itches that once scratched went away almost instantly.