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M4 grouping

Photo From: MikeDavies - Album: Braggin' Groups


While this grouping is not representative of what either I or my Norinco M4 is truly capable of at 100 yards, I thought it was interesting enough to post up here.  This was my first time out with the Nork M4, and this 15 rnd (about 5") group was fired after 30 rounds were used to sight the rifle in.  I sighted in both the Vortex StrikeFire 2MOA red dot and the co-witnessing Back Up Iron Sights (BUIS) at 50 yards.  This grouping was then fired at 100 yards using the Vortex 2MOS red dot, with the BUIS folded down.  Now, bear in mind that the 2MOA red dot completely covers the 12"x12" target circles, with just the ouside corners barely visible at the edges of the red dot.  For Tac Rifle matches this grouping is good enough to gain good points.  The groups tightened up dramatically from 75 yards and closer using the Red Dot sight.  I naturally shoot high at any range when shooting standing unsupported, so this put me pretty much on the bull at 25 and 50 yards.  I'm happy. :)

I'm tempted to mount a scope just for interest's sake to see what this surprisingly fine Chinese M4 is really capable of.  

Uploaded: 4/24/2011 by MikeDavies
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