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Photo From: Stu Wayne - Album: People Photos

Description: Sent to me in an e-mail from Ireland under the title "Finally - A Truly Well-Dressed Wal-Mart Shopper", I have no original attribution for this photo.  Here's what I wrote back to the sender:

Well dressed but poorly trained - the hammer on that 1911 should be cocked and the safety up. It's dangerous to carry a pistol like that with the hammer down on a loaded chamber and foolish to do so on an empty chamber (although I understand that to be the practice in Israel). Nice equipment, though. Around here we wear a covering garment over the gun so as not to create public concern. ;-)

Uploaded: 6/13/2012 by Stu Wayne
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(6/18/2019) Robert Bauersmith wrote: Should have a jacket covering the pistol, no need to freak people out, gives gun owners a bad name
(12/28/2020) Mark Freburg wrote: We discussed this before, but I went back and read all the comments, and it never was mentioned that carrying hammer down is not unsafe IF the pistol is equipped with a firing pin block like the Colt Series 80 style, as a blow to the hammer cannot fire the pistol. It is still much slower to get the pistol into action when needed, and it is also unwise because it "freaks people out" as Robert said, but it is not foolish to carry like this for the reason Stu said.