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U.S. M1917

Photo From: Mark Freburg - Album: Rifles--Classic Military

Description: U.S. M1917 Enfield, America's primary battle rifle in WWI.  When we entered the war, it was quickly determined that our government arsenals could not produce enough M1903 Springfield rifles to arm the rapid build-up of troops, so we turned to Winchester and Remington to convert the rifle they had been previously building for Great Britain, the Pattern 14 Enfield in .303, to our own .30-06.  Doing so, Winchester and Remington (with two factories) churned out enough M1917 rifles that the vast majority of U.S. troops were in fact issued with the M1917, not the M1903 Springfield during the war.

Uploaded: 6/16/2022 by Mark Freburg
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(7/18/2023) Robert Bauersmith wrote: They cocked on closing unlike the Springfield which cocked on opening and they had a "protected" rear sight. If I'm not mistaken these were the only differences? A very sturdy battle rifle in all respects but it never had the aura of the "Springfield"!