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Super Match SAO

Photo From: Craig AA - Album: Handguns--Modern

Description: P220 Super Match SAO 

Uploaded: 9/24/2020 by Craig AA
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(5/17/2022) Mark Freburg wrote: How do you compare this with other single action .45s you own? Trigger pull, etc.?
(5/18/2022) Craig AA wrote: Hi Mark,
I really like these pistols! I have two, this P220 "Super Match" and an older P200 "Match." Both are SAO and both have a typical 2 stage trigger breaking right at 4 1/4 lbs. In the past, I was not a fan of 1911 pistols due to their having grip safeties. As a left hand shooter, I never had luck deactivating the grip safety when shooting "weak" handed. Now, no problem at all...I just needed to learn how to shoot, is all.

But back then, I never liked or understood the needed grip safety. I used to joke about the P220 SAO as being the 1911 that was always meant to be, because it didn't have that feature. The trigger, while having a pretty good pull (though, a bit too long of a reset for my tastes), is obviously different because it is a pivoting style, rather than straight back like the 1911. But, it is very easily shot well! And not that they are very commonly used by me (I do have three), but there are 10 round magazines for this 45 that are actually reliable and fit well in the gun and hand.

The only other thing about these guns is, they both came with tritium front sights, while having factory target rear sights. I guess that they could be considered self defense guns, rather than competition guns. But, why the "Match" nomenclature? So, I took them off and installed Dawson Precision fiber optic posts, of the same height and width. They both are excellent shooters. The grip frame is different enough from that of a 1911, that they feel and fit better in my hands. The little bit of curvature on the back, as well as the hook on the front bottom, really lock the gun in. I've had offers to buy either, for way more than I paid. Won't ever happen!