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Colorado Group Recalling Anti-2nd Amendment State Senate President Morse

Source: Schults Media Relations, LLC / Basic Freedom Defense Fund

Colorado Springs, CO, April 3, 2013--Colorado grassroots group begins recall of State Senate President for attacks against Constitution and Bill of Rights. The group has the Colorado Secretary of States' approval to begin gathering signatures for the recall of Colorado State Senate President John Morse (D), at right, for his stand and leadership against the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution and his attack on the constitutional rights of Colorado citizens.

The Basic Freedom Defense Fund (BFDF) was recently formed to educate the public concerning their Constitutional rights and to hold state politicians accountable for voting against the express wishes and Constitutional rights of their constituency.

BFDF's spokesperson, Nick Andrasik --"Senate President Morse has made it very clear - through both his words and his actions - that he put greater value on the thoughts of interest groups in Washington D.C. and New York City than those of his own Colorado constituency.

"In a recent interview with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, Morse stated that he advised fellow Senators to ignore the thousands of emails* sent in opposition and that he (Morse) was 'proud of my caucus... and the way they've gotten this done.' This behavior is more that of a tyrant, not an elected official. The contempt and arrogance displayed in the face of an enormous outcry of objection from tens of thousands of Colorado citizens shows how little Mr. Morse cares for the will of the people of Colorado and solidifies our position that he should no longer be in office."

Several public meetings have been held in Colorado Springs, with hundreds of concerned and outraged Coloradans turning out to protest what they feel are extremely dangerous attacks on the Constitution and innocent citizens' rights by Colorado politicians supported by outsiders from Washington and New York City.

BFDF intends to educate and support disenfranchised Coloradans in an organized effort to remove elitist legislators from public office through a more informed constituency in future elections and through the recall process initially.

More information about BFDF as well as links for corporate and individual financial support and volunteering are available at the BFDF website,

The Basic Freedom Defense Fund, 10 Town Plaza #405, Durango, CO 81301

BFDF is a new nonpartisan 501(c)(4) non-profit originally known as Colorado Accountability. BFDF is devoted to educating the public of their Constitutional rights and legally holding state politicians accountable for their actions as legislators and having candidates keep their campaign word and promises if elected to office.

*NOTE: Aside from the comments on MSNBC concerning the emails by Colorado Senate President Morse (D) the people, businesses (including our company) and much of Colorado law enforcement tried to stop these now laws and some others still under process with thousands of letters, tens of thousands of calls, protests, picketing and much more--all shunted aside and ignored by the recently elected majority party held Colorado Assembly, Senate and Governor.

Financial and media support: If you and or your audience is interested in supporting this education and recall effort and what it might mean to Colorado and for other states if successful, please direct your financial support to the website at This is a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization

Uploaded: 4/3/2013