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(Guns Saves lives .com) - According to a press release put out by Gun Owners of America, a local businessman is offering free land in order to lure gun manufacturers to Missouri.

The man is prepared to offer a free 20 year lease on any of the properties he owns.

The man is offering a six acre plot with railroad access, 38 acres near a major interstate, and a more rural 100 acre plot.

Several firearms makers are eyeing a move out of anti gun states.

At least one company, Magpul, has already moved out of their home state. Magpul lobbied hard to prevent several anti gun laws from being passed in Colorado, even threatening to leave the state and take their jobs with them. When the bills were signed into law Magpul held true to their word and began pulling their operations out of CO. Now all of their popular AR-15 magazines and sight systems are manufactured in another state.

Uploaded: 5/9/2013