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(NAGR) - Governor Jay Nixon vetoed the Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB-436).
With the stoke of a pen Governor Nixon's disdain for your Second Amendments rights and your privacy, became clear.
In spite of the thousands of messages he received urging him to sign HB-436, Gov. Nixon chose to be a loyal lapdog to the anti-gun interests of the likes of Barack Obama and billionaire-playboy New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
Make no mistake, his veto is a slap in the face to gun owners in Missouri.
Now, gun owners in Missouri will be left defenseless in the face of an unprecedented national gun control effort being spearheaded by Washington bureaucrats, and a barrage of unconstitutional Executive Orders being levied out by President Barack Obama.
His veto also leaves the door open for unscrupulous reporters to publish the personal information of gun owners like you on their websites and in their newspapers.
Nixon expressed more concern for what he called the "First Amendment" right for reporters to invade your privacy than he did for your Second Amendment rights as a whole.

Uploaded: 7/9/2013