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Alliant Powder announces Power Pro 1200-R

Source: The Tactical Wire

RADFORD, VA - Shooters who burn through .223 rounds can quickly replenish their ammunition with Power Pro® 1200-R from Alliant Powder®. Released in early 2013, the new propellant is specifically formulated for high-volume .223 handloaders who use a progressive press. It meters extremely well, and its double base provides consistent ignition and performance across temperature and humidity extremes.

Alliant Powder's Power Pro family includes several propellant varieties tailored to specific rifle and handgun loads. The spherical powder offers improved velocity and density for more efficient metering and loading, and it enables reloaders to duplicate certain factory loaded ammunition.

Power Pro 1200-R reloading powder is proudly made in the U.S.A. and features Alliant Powder's legendary lot-to-lot consistency.

Part No. / Description / MSRP
150677 Power Pro 1200-R; 1-pound bottle $19.95
150678 Power Pro 1200-R; 8-pound canister $141.95

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Uploaded: 11/24/2013