Video: Colt Lightweight Commander
Not all reviews are great.  Here's a review of the excellent Colt Commander, today known as the Lightweight Commander, that is really not very good.  Why publish it here--to show our viewers that you have to be selective and take everything with a grain of salt.  This same reviewer did very decent jobs with a couple other pistols also reviewed here, but this one had some errors.  He remarks on the weight of the Commander as being the same as the Glock 19 for instance--a significant mistake as the Glock 19 weights 21 ounces and the Commander weighs 27 ounces, as a percentage of total this is huge.  He tends to fluff over certain other details about the pistol as if he isn't really sure--no scripts here it seems.

He opens the the video with some shooting, including some failures to fire, which he repeats later, yet he doesn't explain it with any sufficiency, and still praises the pistol highly.  While I could explain this issue, someone not familiar with the pistol who noted the malfunctions would certainly not be impressed.

His takedown was sloppy as he didn't quite seem sure about which way to turn the barrel bushing.  Nor did he lock the safety prior to pressing in the recoil spring plug (the name of which he was unsure).  Doing so makes take-down easier.   He also seemed to scrape the slide stop along the frame when reinserting it, a sloppy practice resulting in scratched frames over time.  All in all, hard to tell, because he did the entire thing by bringing the pistol too close for the camera to focus and thus the viewer was left squinting trying to focus on something that quite fuzzy.  (Some of this fuzziness exists in his other videos but to a far lesser extent and thus not nearly as distracting). 

I suppose everyone flunks one now and then.