Video: President Obama on Guns
Those of you who signed the pro-gun petition for President Obama might find it interesting that he mentions an anti-gunpetition as driving his actions.

The president starts off sounding reasonable, then dredges up the same old absurd ideas for "keeping our children safe," such as the banning of "military style assault weapons" and "high capacity ammunition clips."  What on earth does he think that can possibly do?  One cannot change anything by "banning" guns which have an appearance he doesn't like, when any of thousands of other rifles are functionally identical.  Nor will "banning" high capacity magazines change anything, as all one needs is large numbers of lesser-capacity magazines.

Secondly, How can this country truly ban any item which is in public hands by the hundreds of thousands?  Confiscation?  Will Americans stand for that?

And finally, how do we define "assault rifles" and "high capacity?"  However we do it legally it will be arbitrary and thus ridiculous bordering on the absurd.

Almost as an afterthought to these same old-same old gun bans, the President mentions improving mental health care and addressing a culture which glorifies gun violence.  These should be key points, not afterthoughts.  He also mentions improving school safety, but has no comments on how to do that.  While it isn't mentioned here, what is really scary is that the president assigned Vice President Joe Biden to head a committee to look into this, because of course the VP has no real duties and thus has the time.  Unfortunately Mr. Biden showed the country his character, or lack thereof,  during the VP debates last fall.  I wouldn't let him head a PTA or church social committee, much less anything that might affect this nation's laws.

Watch the video.  See if you think the president comes across as sincere, but then ask yourself if he has any workable ideas.

--Mark Freburg