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With thanks to forum member Troy Unruh for the idea, I present the World Wide Web Reading List.  Consider this a living document where as we, the membership, come across interesting articles, stories, lists, fact sheets, and so forth, scattered here and there on the Internet, we'll post the the URLs (web address), linked so that you can simply click on the name of the article.  When clicked, a pop-up window will display the article for your reading pleasure without you having to do any work or go anywhere else.  You won't lose your place in the forum, and when you are done with the article you'll be right here and can click on another article or go to a different section of the forum.

They are categorized to make finding things of interest easier for you.

And might I add, if you're new to our forum, by all means please check out our homegrown features penned by our forum members here as well! Thumbs Up

Good reading!

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The Dark Side of Smith & Wesson by Chuck Hawks
No-holds-barred critical edtorial from one with no use for S&W firearms

How to Protect Your Gun Collection for Disaster by Philip Schreier
   An excellent article by our NRA Museum Curator on simply protecting your collection


The Mythical S.L. Variant Speed Loader

A Look at the JetLoader Speedloader

The Safariland Comp II Speedloader

Rehabilitation by Rich Grassi
   A nice revolver story

10 Advantages of the Glock by Patrick Sweeney
   A 1911 lover weighs in.

The “National Match” M1911 Pistols from
   A history of some very special 1911s.

The Gun you Won't Sell, by James Tarr
   Do you have a handgun that you won't sell, no matter what?

Hi-Point C9 9mm---A Good, Cheap Gun by Scott Mayer
   You don't have to spend a lot of money if you just need a reliable gun.

Inertial Discharge of the M1911 Pistol by John de Armond
   Will a 1911 fire if dropped?  Read this and decide.

Why I don't Like The Forty by Tiger McKee
   An honest appraisal of the .40S&W for self-defense

Armscor: 1911s, Ammo, and More! from the Cheaper than Dirt Blog
   A report on the new Armscor ammo plant in the USA, the .22TCM, 1911s

Comparing the Glock Generation 4 to Generation 3 from Guns America Gun Reviews
   "Is it really an improved version of 'Glock Perfection?'"

Diamondback Firearms DB380 & DB9 – Range Report
   from the Guns America Magazine & Blog

Age and the Snubnose by Syd
   When does the small revolver become the better choice for carry?

Introducing The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield by James Tarr
   Newest mini-pistol from S&W is not exactly an M&P.

Gen 4 Glocks--A Step Backward? by James Tarr
   Author has some legitimate complaints about the latest Glock pistol.

How Does a Glock Work? by Butch
   Complete with photos using a cutaway Glock model.

Auto Pistol of the 20th Century, by Dick Metcalf, Technical Editor, Shooting Times
   Page One - There’s only one gun that qualifies as the most influential auto pistol design ever developed.  Interested readers can continue on with Page Two - Model 1911 History & Evolution and finally, Page Three - The Most Underrated Auto Pistol

Going Over To The Dark Side
The Springfield XD-9 Tactical Review by Syd
   A 1911 diehard who tells us 47 times that he HATES GLOCKS somehow manages to like the XD 9mm, despite it being made of ugh, plastic.

The 20th Century's Top Handgun Cartridges, by Dick Metcalf, Technical Editor, Shooting Times
   Author rates the 9mm Luger and .357 Magnum as the most influential and important autoloader and revolver cartridges of the century.

The NYPD and the Kahr K-9: No Substitute for Training by James Tarr
   A well stated editorial on why dumbing down weaponry is always the wrong way to reduce negligent discharges.

So you want to buy a 1911? A basic primer by Chris Byrne
   An interesting blog entry full of facts as well as opinions passed off as facts, and still more misconceptions passed off as opinions...but a good read nonetheless.

Ruger Security-six
   A short history plus break-down of this classic revolver from The American Rifleman.

Smith and Wesson’s Best Pistol by R.K. Campbell
   The Model 19 Combat Magnum.

Texas Longhorn Arms Improved Number Five by John Taffin
   A story about Elmer Keith's original Number Five and Bill Grover's original Improved Number Five

Model 1911 Colt: Six Decades of Service, by Dennis Riordin
   An excellent treatise on the M1911 pistol, its origin, it's features, and why it is perhaps the finest military pistol ever. From 1980.

How Does the .38 Super Compare to the 9mm? by Stephen A. Camp
   Which is more powerful and why? Based on testing and an analysis of available factory ammunition.

Date Your Hi-Power by Browning Firearms
   Have a Browning Hi-Power and always wondered when it was made? Check here and soon you'll know.

The Randall Firearms Company History 1983-1985 by Rick Kennerknecht
   If you remember the Randall 1911-style pistol, or eve if you never heard of them, this will be an interesting article to read. Among other innovations, Randall introduced the first left-handed 1911, and no, I don't mean an ambidextrous safety--I mean a mirror image left-handed model!


.44 Special Heavy Loads by John Knutson
sh to duplicate Elmer Keith's loads?

Hunters & Hunting Firearms

Would You Hunt With a 10mm? by Greg Rodriquez
   A 1911 in this caliber makes a seriously good option

Legendary Professional Hunters by African Sky Hunting Safaris
   What exactly is a Professional Hunter? This short article explains the term and outlines three of them.

Favorite Calibers of Famous African & Indian Hunters
   During the Golden Age of the Safari. Compiled by Adam S. Gubar.

The History of Holland and Holland plus the Holland and Holland Chronicle
   If you are interested in this legendary gun company you might enjoy knowing a little bit more about them, found in these two items from the company website.

Military Firearms

The Czech vz. 58 – Improving Upon the Most Reliable Combat Rifle in the World
    A very good article on Czech VZ58, possible a "better" AK.

Zastava PAP AK47 from Century Arms from Guns America Magazine
   This is was written by people who don't understand AKs.  It's full of the usual stereotypical comments.  It covers the rifle it is reviewing well enough, but it is hilariously bad in general.

CZ-USA VZ 58 Military Sporter by NRA Staff
   Civilian version of a Cold War classic

Refinishing Military Rifle Stocks by Dick Culver
   A PDF file with three short articles covering different methods of refinishing tha told wood rifle stock

Rifle Slings
  This seems to be a valuable sight for military surplus enthusiasts who like to acquire the proper slings for their rifles.

Ten Oddball '03 Springfield Variations by John Spangler
   The majority of Model 1903 "Springfield" rifles fit into a few neat categories, however a few oddball designs were made that inspire collectors to keep searching for more.  Not necessarily maintained from what I can see, but much of this information is rather timeless.

Stamped and Milled AK Receiver Identification, courtesy of UltiMAK Enhanced Performance
   A nice little piece explaining clearly the difference between the stamped and milled AK receiver and how to identify them by sight.

The True Story of the Beretta M9 Pistol by Tim Chandler
   Is the M9 the best pistol our military ever fielded? Or a accident waiting to happen? Or perhaps neither? Here is the in-depth, authoritative story.

Politics of Firearms

Gun Policy & Law Enforcement
Where Police Stand on America's Hottest Issue

Mandatory Training for CCW by Larry Correia
   Yay or Nay?  This may shoot down your preconeived notions.

MILLER: SWAT rampage destroys Iraq vet's home over guns
   Washington, D.C. Police destroy veteran's home in ridiculous assault over nothing.  MUST READ.

Guns & Violence: A Summary of the Field by Gary Kleck
   A summary of Kleck's own book of the same name. Worth reading if you are curious about Kleck's book, and the summary itself contains a good amount of useful data.

Crime, Deterrence, and The Right to Carry Concealed Handguns, by John R. Lott, Jr., and David B. Mustard
   From the abstract: "...allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons deters violent crimes and it appears to produce no increase in accidental deaths." A significant read.

Book Review Handgun Stopping Power: The Definitive Study, reviewed by Gary K. Roberts and Eugene J. Wohlberg
   If you are one who likes to quote "one shot stops," you need to read this book review.


Why Most 6.5mm Cartridges are Great, but 6.5 Grendel Is Just Okay by GDI Mounts
   Not the long range cartridge others 6.5s are, and not the best for ARs?

Brass vs. Steel Cased Ammo--An Epic Torture Test from Lucky Gunner Labs
   Very interesting and thorough test

Parallax: The Mystery Adjustment by Lewis Creek Shooting School
   Good tips on this very necessary information

Pedersoli Officer's Model 1873 Trapdoor .45-70 from the 08-01-2003 Issue of Gun Tests
   A nice review of this replica from one of the best makers of replica firearms.

Two (Or More) For One, from Guns & Ammo Magazine 2010/04/21, author not stated
   Switch-barrel guns are cool, but how do they really rate in terms of versatility, economy and performance?

7.62x51mm NATO or 308 Winchester? What's the Difference?  By Stephen Redgewell
   An in-depth explanation of the difference between 7.62x51 vs .308 Winchester ammunition

5.56 and .223: Are They Different by Patrick Sweeney
   If you shoot a rifle chambered for one of these rounds--and who doesn't--you need to read this article.

No Ordinary Rifle
   The Remington Model 721 was the precursor of the Model 700.  Read about this classic hunting rifle in Africa from the editors at American Rifleman

The Steyr Scout Rifle by Peter Kokalis
   A review of this well known bolt rifle promoted by Jeff Cooper by an equally well known firearms reviewer.


Skill Set: Weapon Mounted Lights by Tiger McKee
   An intro to lights

"Shoot Me First" by Rich Grassi
   An editorial on concealment vests

Mobile Warriors: How to Defend Yourself in Your Vehicle by Dave Spaulding
   An important skill for law-abiding armed citizens

An Alternate Look At Handgun Stopping Power by Greg Ellifritz
  Interesting study done  with as much attempt at legitimacy as anyone's.  (Also see my editorial in this section referencing this study. --Mark Freburg)

Ken Hackathorn and the State of the Industry
   from Rich Grassi's Around The Water Cooler column

Book Review: The Art of Modern Gunfighting
The Pistol: Volume 1 by Scott Reitz with Brett McQueen
   Read a good gun book lately? I mean a really good one? One filled with war stories about good guys shooting bad guys, and how to do it right? If not, may I make the suggestion that you find a copy of Scott Reitz’s new book, The Art of Modern Gunfighting?

Choose a Stance by Kathy Jackson (The Cornered Cat)
   Well known author and blogger Kathy Jackson clealry describes and illustrates the three basic shooting stances for self-defense. While The Cornered Cat is primarily directed at women, men can learn a great deal from this site as well.

Skill Set: Kneeling Positions by Tiger McKee
   A quick look at kneeling positions for the tactical shooter.

Have No Faith in Your Defensive Handgun Caliber or Load! (Or Why I don’t Get Involved in “Caliber Wars.”) By Stephen A. Camp
   An excellent essay on the reality of handgun cartridges and making the best choices.

Praise the Lord and (Please Do) Pass the Ammunition by Duncan Long
An interesting editorial arguing against the liberal theology that advocates pacifism

Pop Culture Pacifist: Making the World A More Dangerous Place by Paul Markel
   Another similar and even more compelling argument in favor of the obligation for self-defense

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