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On the Border - Description: A Holder/Obama Gun Registration Scheme

Idiots of the Day: MLB gun-phobes - Description: Major League Baseball bans Colt six-shooter image from vintage uniforms

Gun Rights in the Age of Feelings - Description: Afterthoughts on the Starbucks Buy-cott

More Clownery in Canton - Description: If a Canton resident happens to get a peek at your lawfully carried pistol, they'll have a $100 incentive to call 9-1-1.

CHL's in Ohio doubled since '09 - Description: Ohioans who have licenses to carry has more than doubled in the past three years according to AG, not everyone happy

Georgia CCW Gets Better - Description: Georgia Gun Permit Recognition

ParaUSA Bought by the Freedom Group - Description: ParaUSA joins the growing number of companies under the Freedom Group corporate umbrella.

Slain Agent's Family Takes Action - Description: $25 Million Dollar Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against The Federal Government

Rock River Arms Polymer 1911 - Description: Rock River Arms re-enters 1911 market with polymer 1911

Charter Arms .40S&W Revolver - Description: Charter Arms .40S&W Revolver, Lefty Guns, Polished Pink!

Politician Attacks Sheriff - Description: Why wouldn't we listen to the law enforcement community when it comes to self-defense

IA changes CCW Law - Description: Iowa Changes Law from "May Issue" to "Shall Issue"

New Rimfire StG44! - Description: ATI announces Rimfire StG44 at 2012 SHOT Show!

Kel-Tec PMR-30 Best in Class Pistol - Description: Gun Tests Magazine Selects Kel-Tec PMR-30 22 Magnum as 2011 “Best in Class Pistol”

The President's Anti-Gun Agenda - Description: President Obama keeps pushing for gun control

Guns sell big on Black Friday 2011 - Description: FBI background check requests set a new, all-time, one-day record

Slain Agent's Parents Sound off - Description: Parents Don't Trust Anything Holder Says

Update on "Flawed" Fast and Furious - Description: Attorney General Eric Holder states operation is Flawed and the U.S Agents death is "Regrettable", but No Apologies!

Canada Destroys Long Gun Registry - Description: Editorial on Conservative Harper Government's direction to destroy long gun registry

Oklahoma's HB 1439 - Description: Oklahoma Expands their "Make My Day" Law to Include Businesses